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Ada's List launched in London in October 2013, by Merici Vinton, Anjali Ramachandran, Rosa Birch and Nicki Sprinz.

We aim to connect women in digital to one another, provide stimulating content that elevates individual commitment for change in the tech industry, and generally encourage a more inclusive and diverse environment in the industry. 

They join Ada’s List to recruit new teammates or job hunt themselves; look for suppliers or vendors; find co-founders; get advice; meet up face to face; people join Ada’s List to connect and act. 
Ada’s List is a community that serves as necessary infrastructure for a healthy and thriving tech industry that works for all.  

The environment for women in tech isn’t sunny - and is actually getting worse.

Only 2.2% of all VC funding goes to women founders; the number of women in IT has halved in the last 20 years - when the data shows that companies with women in leadership positions outperform their peers.

Communities like Ada’s List keep women in the tech industry by providing off the record advice, peer to peer support, and mentoring when they need it the most.


What we offer

Women join Ada’s List first and foremost to find a community of women - women who, like them, felt isolated in their offices, careers, or alone working at a startup.

Ada's List gives members the chance to: 

- talk off the record about professional, tech and science related topics and issues
- access to our fantastic Jobs Channel
- find and share brilliant events, conferences and courses to attend
- find out about amazing opportunities
- and maybe get an Ada's List discount! 
- get informal mentoring or help with your career
- share your experience and expertise to help others in the community 
- get support, ask questions, offer your skills and ask for help

Join us

The Ada’s List community is free of charge and is for anyone to join, as long as you are a woman - or identify as a woman - who works in and around technology.

New joiners fill out a quick online form and, after double checking their application, they are given access to our online community, based on the Mobilize platform, and are confirmed as an Ada’s List member.

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Ada's List is a global community of women, and those who identify as, who work in and around the internet. By joining the List, you gain access to our online community and the opportunity to connect with Ada's everywhere around the world.


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