Ada's List Conf

Join us for our 4th Annual Ada's List Conf on November 9th 2019.

Ada's List is a global network of 7300 women in technology and the Ada's List Conf is the annual gathering of Ada's List members and any supporters of itsAgenda for Change. Ada's List Conf aims to connect women and allies in digital to one another, provide stimulating content that elevates individual commitment for change in the tech industry.

The day will feature keynotes, talks and workshops by Ada’s List members who will share their stories of innovation and change, and reflect on how they are changing communities, workplaces, and their industry. Expect fun networking opportunities too.


9:00 Registration open
9:45 Introduction by Merici Vinton
10:00 Keynote 1
10:30 Talks & workshops
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Afternoon talks & workshops
17:00 End of event and soft drinks reception
18:00 Move to a nearby pub

A full line-up will be announced closer to the date.


Get your tickets now! We’ll have a free-of-charge creche on the day of. All genders and non-binary individuals are welcome to join.


Ada's List is run by volunteers and the conference wouldn't be possible without the support of our awesome sponsors. All proceeds from the conference support running the community. This year, we are asking for additional commitment and your support of the conference this year will enable us to become a more sustainable community. Email to receive our sponsorship info.


We're looking for volunteers to help us out leading up to the event as well as on the day itself. Skillsets needed are broad, and being part of the crew is a fun, hands-on way to bond with fellow Ada's List Members. Your entrance to the conference will be free of charge and we will only require 2h of your time on the day as a volunteer. If you're up for lending us a hand or your skills, please fill out this volunteering form.


Email our conference lead Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino on As usual, we will be following our Conference Code of Conduct, to ensure the event is a safe environment for everybody.

Join us on November 9th!

The venue is wheelchair accessible, there will be genderneutral toilets and a free of charge creche on the day. All genders and non-binary individuals are welcome to join.