Ada's List Conf Day! Thanks for joining us!

Ada's List Conf Day! Thanks for joining us!


Thank you for an awesome first day of the Ada’s List Conf 2021! A huge thank you to our amazing speakers, attendees, volunteers and particularly our keynotes: Katrine Marçal and Sara Wachter-Boettcher. 

We apologise for the platform issue which de-railed the end of Sara’s talk, please find attached the slides from her talk. For those who experienced issues in Andra Bria’s excellent talk, you can find the slides here for: Designing more inclusive products and services. We have rescheduled Dr Rashmi Narayana’s talk “Befriending self - doubt & fear of failure for women in tech” to 1:15PM tomorrow. Please join! 

We also apologise for the other technical issues we experienced today - We’re working with OnLive and hope things are better tomorrow but we so appreciate all the patience and encouragement! You all are fab. As Sara so eloquently pointed out “concrete examples of who we are and what we believe give us something to call upon in hard times.” We are a community who support one another and who work in tech, learning from our challenges. So we apologise for the issues and we’ll do our best to fix them, but please bear with us.


And now on to Day 2!

We’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for Day 2 of the Conf! Join us bright and early from 10am tomorrow morning for our fantastic Interactive workshops! Please note that our workshops are NOT being recorded, so make sure you join live! 

We’ll be hosting a bunch of one hour sessions from 10-2pm, and you can access these through the “Networking” section of the website. Check out how to access the networking area using the screenshot below -

Check out what Interactive sessions will be running and when. Please note, that these workshops are limited to 18 people per room and it’s first come, first serve - so make sure to be quick!

Workshops include:


We’ll also be running a few brilliant panel events - 

11am - Danae Shell and Sally Lloyd: "OMG, that is NOT okay!""  - what to do when bad things happen at work"

12pm - Blockchain Panel Event with: Jillian Godsil, Priya Guliani, Myrtle Anne Ramos


We’ll be kicking off at 2pm with our Day 2 welcome from Mara and Khaleelah, followed by a fantastic keynote talk from Hera Hussain. Hera is the Founder and CEO of CHAYN - a global nonprofit that creates resources on the web to address gender-based violence. Chayn’s multi-lingual resources, designed with not for survivors, have reached more than 400,000 people.

We’ll then continue with our 3 conference tracks throughout the day - Career, Company and Culture - and we’ll round up with a fireside chat from 6-7pm with the wonderful Nina Wöss and Iris Skrami.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email us at, and we look forward to see you tomorrow!

Khaleelah & Mara 

October 8, 2021