Announcement: Ada’s List is joining Tech Ladies!

Today is a big day for Ada's List, and a big day for our members. We are joining Tech Ladies, the largest community of women in tech, giving each of you an opportunity to scale your impact globally as we move from strength to strength.

Ada's List launched on Ada Lovelace Day in 2013 to help women in tech connect with one another to move women in tech forward, together. Since then, we’ve grown to almost 10,000 members, run 6 conferences, and launched a jobs board that helped hundreds of Adas expand their careers. 

Through all of that, we have watched the Women in Tech ecosystem flourish across Europe and grow stronger globally. Collaboration has always been a core value for Ada’s List and we strongly believe that the ecosystem of women in tech is stronger when we coordinate and collaborate to ultimately provide the best opportunities for women in tech.

That's why we're thrilled that Tech Ladies will be taking Ada's List into the future - they are a team of incredibly talented individuals, focussed on helping their members get to where they want to be in their careers. 

As co-founders, it's been a wild ride - we started Ada’s List when there were few spaces for women in tech to convene and lift each other up. It snowballed overnight and grew into this thriving, global community. We remember the early morning coffee meetups across London, meeting many of you at different community hosted or Ada's List events, book launches, and more. We have so enjoyed getting to know you, hearing your stories, and providing a place where you felt you could share your story. Thank you for letting us into your world. We will watch with eager anticipation and cheer you on as Tech Ladies. 

Thank yous - ALL OF YOU

First off, thank you to our community members - there is no Ada's List without you. It's been a distinct honor to serve you over these past years. 

Thank you to Mara Larson Richard, our CEO whose vision, commitment, and perseverance lead Ada's List through this transition. Thank you to our teammates and long-term collaborators - Tamara Schön, our current and continued Community Manager. Our longtime collaborators - Khaleelah Jones, Nicole Whitelaw, Karen Lobban, Lilias Adair, and Karoline Kirchhübel Andersen. Our core volunteers over the years - too many to name but we wanted to mention Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Andrea Bassman-Young, Claire Rampen, Emem Rita Usanga, Gabriela Isas, Gen Ashley, Riana Patel, Sareh Heidari, and Stephanie Aslan. All the speakers at our conference, most of whom were our own members, as well as our conference sponsors and partners. Our advisory board members Mike Bracken, Shefali Roy, Kajal Odedra and Ronda Železný-Green. And last but not least - our co-founders Rosa Birch and Nicki Sprinz! Thank you all. 

Thank you again for this journey and keep fighting the righteous fights. 

Merici and Anjali

October 5, 2022
Tamara Schön
Community Experience Manager