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For the first time in its 6 year history, Ada's List is looking to create a year long, deep relationship with partners who are as committed to making the tech industry
work for all as our members are.

The Ada’s List Partner network is a group of organizations who are committed to making their organizations work for their female employees - and these organizations want greater visibility in the Ada’s List community to help them grow their team or promote their inclusive workforce. For our inaugural year, we are looking for a select cohort of organizations who have a similar agenda to Ada’s List, organizations who want to see their female employees thrive and excel at all levels. 

Why now and why Ada’s List?

Ada’s List is a community that serves as necessary infrastructure for a healthy and thriving tech industry that works for all. The environment for women in tech isn’t sunny - and is actually getting worse. Only 2.2% of all VC funding goes to women founders; the number of women in IT has halved in the last 20 years - when the data shows that companies with women in leadership positions outperform their peers. Communities like Ada’s List keep women in the tech industry by providing off the record advice, peer to peer support, and mentoring when they need it the most.

The Ada’s List Partner Network will give our members greater visibility into organizations that are great places for women to thrive. undefined

We’re great at helping our members shine - now we’ll help you shine. 

Some background on Ada's List

Ada's List is a global network of over 7800 women in technology (and those who identify as) launched in London in October 2013 by Merici Vinton, Anjali Ramachandran, Rosa Birch and Nicki Sprinz.  Its aims are to connect women in digital to one another, provide stimulating content that elevates individual commitment for change in the tech industry, and generally encourage a more inclusive and diverse environment in the industry. 

Women join Ada’s List first and foremost to find a community of women - women who, like them, felt isolated in their offices, careers, or alone working at a startup. They join Ada’s List to recruit new teammates or job hunt themselves; look for suppliers or vendors; find co-founders; get advice; meet up face to face; people join Ada’s List to connect and act

The Ada’s List community is free for anyone to join. Our members fill out a quick online form and, after double checking their application, they join our community. At its core, Ada’s List is a non-hierarchical, democratic, transparent off the record listserv with several topic areas - jobs, women of color, edtech, tech, nyc, and london.

Ada’s List by the numbers

  • 7800 members globally, completely organic, word of mouth growth
  • 4600 in the UK
  • On average, 800- 1100 women engage with Ada’s List community emails everyday
  • Newsletter with 1600 people globally; 49% click-through rate

Our members

Our members have diverse backgrounds and professions; entrepreneurs, digital strategists, scientists, designers, physicists, mathematicians, makers, journalists, developers, service designers, sci-fi authors, tech journalists, rocket scientists, online campaigners. Ada’s List members join and engage at all levels of their careers. Our members are:

  • 723 corporate board members 
  • 1861 C-suite or founders
  • 16% of our members have 15+ years of experience
  • 15% have 10-15 years of experience
  • 28% have 5-10 years of experience
  • 41% have >5 years 

Our members identify as:

  • 34% women of color
  • 13% LGBTQ+

On top of our partner network offer, we are open to working with the right organizations in a number of ways. Here's just a couple: 

  • A bespoke, private community for your company that we will community manage with you.
  • Leadership cohorts where we take 2-5 women from your organization and spend one year with Ada’s List leadership coaches, public speaking experts, and Ada’s List leaders to help them become even stronger leaders.

Interested in joining? Email and let’s change the industry, together.


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