Imposter syndrome and achievement: Chicken or egg?

Having worked across various sectors and managed diverse teams I have consistently seen high-achieving, intelligent, super-qualified women and (some) men struggle to either influence decisions at work or feel like they have to be someone they are not. If they are POC or from the LGBTQ community – it adds an additional layer of unacknowledged stress and uncertainty. Get your cup of tea/coffee/or something stronger as I take you through as how you can reclaim who you are and experiment with and refine your brand of influence.

Dr Rashmi Narayana


Rashmi is a psychiatrist and coach who has worked across academia, the humanitarian sector and tech start ups. She is currently running her coaching practice, supports a female tech CEO in running company operations, supports founders in early stage tech start-ups to identify their personal values and translate it to company values and is proud to be in a group of 28 international leadership coaches on the TRIUM EMBA programme and a coach on the Imperial College, London Coach and Coffee programme.

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