Sustainable food system via Blockchain technology

Genevieve Leveille


Genevieve is an expert on the commercial application of Disrupted Ledgers for critical supply chains. She led AgriLedger’s collaboration with the World Bank and Haiti’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry to deliver a Distributed Ledger Technology pilot. The project went live in May 2020, allowing Haitian fruit farmers, customers and families to reap the benefits of higher prices and improved food security. Genevieve was nominated by the Financial Times to the top 100 BAME in UK technology in 2019 and was a named a winner of the ComputerWeekly 2020 Women in Software. She is vice-chair of techUK’s Distributed Ledger Technologies Working Group, which provides strategic direction for all UK activities related to DLT. Genevieve is also an inaugural member of the Advisory Group for the Estonian Government’s eResidency initiative. A sought-after voice, Genevieve has spoken on emerging technologies at numerous high-profile conferences around the world, sharing the stakes with the likes of Indra Nooyi, Edward Snowden, Tim Berners-Lee, and Vint Cerf. AgriLedger designs blockchain-based solutions which have ‘empowered farmers by simplifying their access to wider global markets via mobile platforms and to financial services via API linkages with local banks and financial institutions’. The solution supports a high standard of integrity within the agricultural value chain by improving transparency and information flows. The application also allows farmers to access a wide range of information including relevant weather information, seed provenance, fertilisers used and crop location. The concepts and programs aim to improve the income and quality of life of smallholder farmers, support several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and boost local economies.

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