Rapidly scaling advice services

This talk is about how Citizens Advice rapidly scaled our advice services for millions of clients during the pandemic. I’ll explain how we stopped face to face advice at 270 locations, and dealt with a massive change in the type of issues people needed help with - by creating trusted advice content at speed based on live issues; by shifting to phone, chat, and online advice only; and by provisioning advisers to work remotely. I’ll talk about how our data and scale makes us an early warning system for the live problems people are facing, and how we use feed insight to our advocacy and policy teams to influence government policy publicly and behind the scenes. I’ll give real examples of the impact we’ve had. I’ll finish by sharing our future plans to build on this product capability: replatforming our underlying technology; tailoring our content; and experimenting with new channels.

Kylie Havelock


Kylie is a hands-on product leader who works with equity-driven organisations to deliver inclusive public services for the most vulnerable groups in society. Prior to her senior leadership role at Citizens Advice, Kylie led a number of product teams in the Canadian and U.K. governments to transform and join-up mission critical services. Kylie is particularly motivated by service delivery for people who are disadvantaged by structural inequity. She speaks regularly about product leadership, service design for equity, and how to build diverse teams. Kylie is a Clore Social Leadership fellow; part of a growing network of leaders in the social sector acting as a catalyst for change across charity networks and community organisers.

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