How much money did the lockdown cost professional women? The financial penalties of the feminization of unpaid work

In April 2020 we surveyed over 1,300 professional women mainly living in Europe and US to quantify the impact of lockdown on their unpaid work. The pandemic didn’t discriminate women’s age, job status, or career level. The effect was especially prominent for full-time employees at the top of the career ladder and those with both schooling and caregiving responsibilities, with some of them reporting beyond 40hr/week on unpaid work during lockdown. We’ll likely lose at least one female leadership generation due to the pandemic. The average respondent missed an annual income of £5,256 on unpaid work before the lockdown, which with the pandemic may increase to £11,821 annually. Extrapolating to the 7,800 Ada’s List members, this translates into a total of £41 million/year and £92 million/year, respectively. We propose a list of recommendations for individuals, employers, and governmental organizations to support professional women in balancing work and family life. "

Patricia Gestoso


"Dr. Patricia Gestoso is Head of Scientific Support at Dassault Systèmes, the second largest European software vendor. She is a member of several technology and strategy company councils and has deep expertise in operations and acquisition integrations. Patricia the founder of the company’s first gender employee resource group, which was recently named one of the 10 winners of the 2020 Women in Tech Changemaker UK award. She’s also a member of the We and AI advisory board. Patricia writes about diversity and inclusion in tech at"

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