June 15, 2018

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September 6, 2017

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January 31, 2018

Font-end Developer

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Tech UK


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June 12, 2018

Community Manager

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Magnificent Meta


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July 8, 2017

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Adas List


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The Ada's List Jobs Channel

The Ada’s List Jobs Channel is the place for women to find jobs all over the world. Our community has a diverse set of skills, from developers, to data scientists, to product designers, marketing specialists, and everything in between. Employers post jobs on Ada’s List to recruit the best and most diverse talent in the industry. 

And in response to COVID19, we want to help our members find roles and employers looking for urgent support. We are offering dramatically discounted jobs postings - updated pricing below.

How do I post a job?

It’s easy - fill out this quick form and then click checkout (we’ll need a public URL to the job with all details, and 5-10 lines about the role and why women should apply) and we’ll send it out to our community and into our biweekly newsletter. It’s £25/$33 per post.  

Your posting will be shared in the Jobs channel within the Ada's List community (~7200 people) and in our newsletter, which goes out every 2 weeks. On average, 350-1000 people view the community posts and our newsletter has close to 2000 subscribers with a 49% open rate. Our community managers can post directly to the community (see image below), we may be in touch for more information if we need it.

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Who have you worked with?

A countless number of organizations have hired and shared jobs on Ada’s List - from Niantic to Bulb to FutureGov to UsTwo to Wikimedia and beyond. But don’t take it from us - this is what Spotify had to say after our 2019 Ada’s List Conf: 

2019 was the second year that Spotify has sponsored the annual Ada's List conference and it won't be our last.  We've been impressed with Ada's mission, the wide breadth of speaker's topics, and the diversity of women in tech to which the conference appeals. This year was the first time that we recruited at the conference, and I can say the quality of candidates that we met  was phenomenal.  Better than expected.  Sponcing the conference has been a win/win for us knowing that we're supporting the WiT community as well as connecting with potential employees.