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We've been impressed with Ada's mission

“2019 was the second year that Spotify has sponsored the annual Ada's List conference and it won't be our last.

We've been impressed with Ada's mission, the wide breadth of speaker's topics, and the diversity of women in tech to which the conference appeals."

Andrea Bassman-Young
Head of Operations, Content Platform at Spotify

Ada's List inspires me and gives me a kick up the ass

"Since joining in 2014, I’ve met advisors and mentors that I’m still in contact with, some of whom gave me wise tech advice when I needed it as a non-tech founder.

Sharing my ideas with other Adas gave me the courage to speak, which isn't always easy."

Bec Evans 
Founder, Prolifiko

Ada’s List is a window into the future of tech 

“Ada’s List is a useful and empowering network. A way to connect with women you can support and get support from, and also to broaden your professional knowledge through hearing of the amazing work members are doing.

Somewhere to learn from, and meet inspiring and eminent women at the forefront of innovation, diversity and inclusion — a great window into the future of tech."

Tania Duarte 
Founder, We and AI

Ada’s List
offers useful connections

“I gave a talk at Social Media Week and watched Emma Watson speak at the United Nations, both of which were direct results of Ada’s List hookups.

Not only does the Ada’s community offer directly useful links, there are also leg ups and some wonderful and uplifting distractions.”

Olivia Knight
Founder of Patchwork, Chair of Sharing Economy UK

Ada’s List is a supportive environment

“As a network of informed, forward-looking women who provide an exceptional resource, Ada’s List is a supportive environment for those involved in a wide range of tech-related roles, from early entry to highly experienced... I've found useful connections and been able to offer help and support to members.”

Erica Wolfe-Murray
Professional Trainer & Coach, Lola Media

Ada’s List helped launch my business

“Within a couple of days of joining Ada’s List, I found two freelance writing clients who have been my best-paying clients so far. These members gave me a chance to work with them when I was starting out, giving me the confidence boost needed to quit my full-time job and successfully launch my freelance writing business Away With Words.”

Catherine Heath
Freelance writer

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