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Ada’s List is a group for women* who are committed to changing the tech industry.

*by women we mean all women (trans, intersex and cis), all those who experience oppression as women (including non-binary and gender non-conforming people) and all those who identify as women.

We're a group of 7600+ C-suite executives to founders and entrepreneurs, to engineers, developers and data analysts through to designers, strategists, content specialists and product managers, to studio managers, accountants, HR professionals and lawyers, Ada's List is for all women (and those who identify as women) who work in and around tech.

Ada Lovelace wrote the first programming language in 1842.  Lots of other women have contributed to the internet and science since. Let’s elevate our profiles – together – and get stuff done.

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We are all about changing communities, our workplaces, and the industry for the better.When you sign up to be a member of Ada's List you get access to our vibrant and active online community on the Mobilize platform - and with it, thousands of women in your corner. 

Within the online community, you gain access to multiple topic channels including our popular Jobs Channel, Global List, threads for popular locations including London and NYC, Tech, Marcomms, POC, LGBTQ+ and many more. 

Ada's List gives members the chance to: 
- talk off the record about professional, tech and science related topics and issues
- access our fantastic Jobs channel
- many of our members have found new jobs and have also hired from our amazingly talented community
- find and share brilliant events, conferences and courses to attend - and maybe get an Ada's List discount! 
- get informal mentoring or help with your career or share your experience and expertise to help others in the community 
- get support, ask questions, offer your skills and ask for help 

Join today and let's make the tech community better, together.


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