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Ada’s List is the place for professional women and non-binary people who work in the tech sector to connect, conspire, and take a stand.

Ada’s List is for all women (trans, intersex and cis) and all non-binary, agender and gender variant people.

We are a visibility platform and marketplace designed to help members to collaborate and progress professionally.

Thousands of women across the world visit our platform every day, engaging with fellow Ada’s because they genuinely care about supporting one another, creating impact in their communities and workplaces, and working to change the tech industry for the better.

Becoming an Ada’s List member will let you access a world of opportunity.
We are moving women in tech forward, together.

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About Us

Started in London in 2013, Ada’s List started life as an email group - we now have over 150,000 engaged and active members, living and working around the world.

Our team consists of founders and team members working to grow and galvanise our community, organise events, connect with partners and allies and help move our agenda forward. 

Ada’s List inspires me and gives me a kick up the ass

“Since joining in 2014, I’ve met advisors and mentors that I’m still in contact with, some of whom gave me wise tech advice when I needed it as a non-tech founder. Sharing my ideas with other Adas gave me the courage to speak, which isn't always easy.”

Bec Evans
Founder, Prolifiko

Jobs Board

Tech Ladies Jobs board is open to anyone - individuals, companies and organisations - to post a job to our Jobs Board, reaching our global community of over 150,000+ women in tech. 

Recruiting with us is a quick, easy and efficient way to ensure your job is seen by the best, most diverse talent in tech.


An interesting and diverse response

"The main thing was that it was such an interesting and diverse response from people with experiences and perspectives I would never have normally talked to - so good!"

Michael Islip
Co-founder, April


We organise occasional events and meet-ups, including our annual conference, with the aim to strengthen the connections between our members.

Previous events have included talks, panels, Q&As, career and recruitment events plus book launches and our casual monthly coffee mornings.

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