Ada's Coffee Morning is back!

Our Ada's List Coffee Mornings have returned, this time virtually!

We are so happy that our Ada's List Coffee Mornings have made a comeback 🔥 We ran two back-to-back sessions this morning and we're feeling very upbeat and motivated coming away from them 🤩

We started the session with an "offer and ask" - where each attendee "offers" their help on something they are skilled at - e.g. advice on learning to code, machine learning, video and design help etc. They then "ask" for help with a skill they would like to improve on - e.g. advice on angel investment, coaching course recommendations, etc. These were just few examples that we saw in the sessions this morning.

Another part of the coffee morning involved us splitting up into breakout rooms to discuss a few different topics, including-

Ada's Coffee Morning: 8am-8:55am

We will be looking at running more of these coffee mornings over the next few weeks and months. Our plan is to have a very general session once per month, and then a more specific one every two weeks, with a different topic/theme each time. We'd really love your thoughts and ideas on what topics we could bring to the next sessions 🎉

We also mentioned our new membership programme this morning in our sessions. For those who don't know, we've set up and Ada's List Patreon programme. We have launched Patreon for both our Ada's List members and allies - and by joining - you will be directly supporting the sustainability and independence of Ada's List.

You can read more about Patreon here on our blog - where co-founder Merici talks about why you should join us as an Ada's List Patron, plus a sneak peak into our operations and upcoming plans.

Some feedback from our coffee morning attendees -

Did you join us this morning? We'd love to hear your feedback about the session - email us at and let us know what you thought 💕

Will you be joining us next time? What topics would you like to see? Let us know ✨

November 5, 2020