Join us as we celebrate our 3rd birthday and Ada Lovelace Day 2016, on October 14th in London!

This October, as the world celebrates Ada Lovelace Day, Ada’s List will be celebrating it’s 3rd Birthday and recognising Lovelace’s contribution to the world of internet and science, with the launch of the Ada’s List Conf 2016. Join us for an afternoon of talks and mingling on October 14th Friday, from 3.30 to 9.30pm.

Member submissions

We’d like to invite any member interested in giving a 20-minute talk at our conference to submit a short proposal, broadly on the topics of innovation and change. Has your business or employer made a difference to your team by adopting policies that benefit women? Have you built a technology product that has changed the lives of its users significantly? Have you invented a new way of doing things that has simplified lives? Or can you interpret the words ‘innovation’ and ‘change’ in a different way altogether based on your experience as a woman in tech? 

We welcome all submissions, and will announce the successful applicant soon. The deadline for submissions is September 15th 2016 - all you need to apply is a title for your proposed talk and a 5 to 10 line description of what you will cover and why in the submission form

Interested in volunteering?

If you are based in London and would like to volunteer as a photographer for the event, if you or your company is interested in contributing small but useful items for our attendees to take away (no leaflets), or you would like to sponsor the event, please email anjali AT 

Keynote speaker

We are proud to announce our keynote speaker: Alex Depledge

Alex founded, built and sold UK based domestic cleaning marketplace start-up, As CEO of, Alex took the firm to a Series A funding round of $6 million and 70 full time employees within 12 months of launch - using the investment to quickly take the startup into Ireland and Europe and making it one of Tech City’s biggest successes.

Alex’s forthright views, industry experience and strategic leadership has led to her appointment as chair of the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) and founding board member of the government backed Sharing Economy UK trade body SEUK. In 2016 Alex was awarded an MBE for services to the Sharing Economy.

Educated at the University of Nottingham and the University of Chicago, Alex started her career as a consultant for Accenture in the UK. She rose quickly through the ranks before her desire for a new challenge led her to taking the leap into the world of entrepreneurship.

Workshop presentation

We are extremely proud that Dan Godsall from WOMBA will be running an interactive session at our event.

After twenty seven years in financial services, in 2014 Dan quit his Managing Director role at Barclays to take some time out to care for his six month old son, Jesse.

Becoming a parent still correlates negatively with career progression, particularly for women. Through his experience of being a stay-at-home dad, Dan came to understand the challenges that new parents face when transitioning out of, and back into, the work place. Determined to reframe the experience as a unique development opportunity, Dan founded WOMBA, a training and coaching consultancy dedicated to retaining and growing talent after childbirth.

What are you waiting for?!

This event is open to all, especially to our members but also to women in tech who aren’t yet a part of our community but are interested in our agenda of change, and to men who believe in diversity in tech and would like to support us. We suggest that men pay an optional 24% more for a ticket to our event than women, in a nod to the gender pay gap as reported by The Guardian in March 2016. Male allies: help us raise awareness about the issue.

Expect a lot of stimulating discussion, some inspiration and a bit of fun networking at the event. 

Grab your tickets here. See you there!

September 14, 2016