Our third Conf Track Announcement - Career

4 influential career focused talks, to help you feel empowered about creating impact in your workplace and community.

As you know, Ada’s List is the place for professional women who work in and around the internet to connect, conspire, and take a stand. Thousands of women across the world visit our platform every day, engaging with fellow Adas because they genuinely care about supporting one another, creating impact in their communities and workplaces, and working to change the tech industry for the better.

So it's no surprise that we had some really great speaker submissions to talk about leadership, personal and career development, and generally how to cultivate a successful and impactful career path.

Join our Career track at the Ada's List Conf 2020, which will be running on the afternoon of the 15th October.


Without further ado, here's our current lineup:

Imposter syndrome and achievement: Chicken or egg? - Dr. Rashmi Narayana

Having worked across various sectors and managed diverse teams I have consistently seen high-achieving, intelligent, super-qualified women and (some) men struggle to either influence decisions at work or feel like they have to be someone they are not.

If they are POC or from the LGBTQ community – it adds an additional layer of unacknowledged stress and uncertainty. Get your cup of tea/coffee/or something stronger as I take you through as how you can reclaim who you are and experiment with and refine your brand of influence.

Future-proofing your career - Bukola Adisa

The last 10 years brought innovation in technology, new jobs, new industries and a stunning recovery from the global recession. All of that now hangs in the balance as the world reels and braces itself for what is being billed as the deepest recession in living memory.

How do professionals adapt their skills and prepare themselves for what lies ahead? With over 15 years experience working with global brands on complex restructuring and regulatory transformation programmes, Bukola will share insights on how to future proof your career for the next decade and the skills needed in the new world of work.

From Agency to AI Tech Company: How One Digital Agency Went from a Service- to Product-based Business - Khaleelah Jones

Becoming a scalable company that can 10x its revenues without 10x-ing its expenses is tough, but not impossible. In this talk Khaleelah Jones, founder and CEO of Dime Digital, gives business owners action-oriented insights and tools from her own business evolution, having gone from boutique digital marketing agency to SaaS tech company in the past year and a half.

Leaning into empathy to build a successful career - Kit Gilbert

For many of us, empathy is a natural strength that can feel like a drawback. It can cause us to feel the stresses of our colleagues too keenly. It can result in us seeing decision-making situations from other people’s perspectives to the extent that it becomes hard to know what we think ourselves.

But learning how to lean into your empathy, rather than push it away, can pay dividends. It can supercharge your personal development, the quality of your communication and your ability to navigate complex commercial and professional relationships. In this session, we’ll explore how to embrace your empathy to drive success at work.


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October 1, 2020
Nicole Whitelaw
Marketing and Communications Associate