Our second Conf Track - Marketing and Product

3 unique talks, unlike anything we've featured before at our Conf.

This is our second of four track announcements for the 5th annual Ada's List Conf 2020.

This year was special - we received so many wonderful proposals to speak about marketing and product that it was difficult to narrow them down. Introducing our speakers for our Product and Marketing Conf Track.

Our Marketing and Product track will be running on the afternoon of the 14th October, we hope you will join us. Read on for the current talk lineup.


Here's our current lineup:

Advertising's Positive Revolution - Amy Williams

We are in the midst of a positive revolution in advertising! Businesses are stepping up amidst a global pandemic, whilst diversity & inclusion is jumping to the top of the agenda and major brands are taking action against the hate & racism on our social feeds.

In this session I'll explore how, in a new post-COVID / post-#StopHateForProfit world, your brand values be reflected in every aspect of your advertising strategy.

Poetry as companion in product development - Hua Szu Yang

Many product teams have rituals and a cadence they follow, or aspire to follow. We have daily stand-up calls, weekly demos, sprint retrospectives, sprint plannings, monthly presentations to upper management, and quarterly business reviews. What can we learn from poetry about how to apply rhythm intentionally?

Excellent poetry also makes us feel. When a moving poem makes us sorrowful, elated, strong, excited, or vulnerable, that poem makes us complicit in that feeling, as if the writer were reaching out a hand to us. We at Ada’s List know this sentiment well because we are clear that we are co-conspirators taking a stand for professional women. What can we learn from poetry about extending that tender hand to help our teammates, stakeholders, employees, and customers feel psychologically safe and ready to collaborate with us?

Let’s play with poetry together and see what it teaches about how to choreograph and cultivate collaboration.

Working with athlete influencers - Ishveen Anand

Best practices on working with athletes and influencers. How to connect, negotiate, maximizing ROI and managing the deal process.


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October 1, 2020
Nicole Whitelaw
Marketing and Communications Associate