Our Final Conf Track Announcement - Tech

8 inspiring talks focussing on the way that tech can improve our lives both professionally and personally.

Introducing our final track announcement on the Ada’s List Conf 2020 - Tech. Ada’s List has always been predominantly focussed around women in the tech industry and the way we can challenge and change the current world through the use of technology. So it’s no wonder our tech track is our biggest track - with 8 amazing speakers from our Ada’s List Community!

This track features lots of really interesting, varied talks, from how COVID has changed our sex lives (but tech will save it), to how we can use Blockchain technology for a sustainable food system.

The tech track runs over the 2 Conf days and is not one to be missed!


Here's our current lineup:

How COVID has changed our sex lives, but tech will save it - Grace Santos-Murphy

COVID has turned our worlds upside down. Every aspect of our lives has been impacted, including sex. In more obvious ways, it's affected our relationships, our boundaries and our sex lives. However, the pandemic and the lockdown that has ensued has also created an opportunity for the world of sex tech to blossom like never before.

I'll walk you through the world of sex tech, the problems it's solving and stigmas it's breaking down, discuss how COVID has changed things (mostly for the better!) and highlight the ongoing challenges that the industry faces. Sexuality is such a fundamental aspect of our lives, yet there is still so much shame & taboo associated with it.

I want to open up the conversation around sex and highlight the amazing innovations (many of which are female-founded!) happening in this space.

IoT for healthcare in emerging markets - Mawuelome Augustina Adjei

Application of IoT in healthcare and medicine is continuously increasing - from the analysis of data to healthcare monitoring. Research into this field is commonly geared towards the western world, and there is a need to integrate IoT for global solutions within the healthcare sector.

This talk will look at the enablement of IoT and embedded systems in healthcare, focusing on Africa. I’ll be discussing trends in healthcare and the opportunities and issues surrounding the adoption of IoT including security, adoption and human interaction.

Giving people freedom through technology - Yasmine Å. Morrison

The fourth revolution has already begun; we are no longer tied to cities or workplaces, its the start of de-urbanization and the rise of the digital nomad. Future of work is defining a whole new generation, are humans meant to live in one place or like our nomadic ancestors?

Looking at data portability: can it help make our lives easier? - Sarah Turner

The GDPR gave every data subject in Europe, amongst other things, a right to data portability. This right...doesn't work at the moment. This talk will look at research we’ve undertaken about how this doesn’t work, how it’s arguably being politicised at the moment…and where portability might actually be useful.

Would period tracking apps be easier if you could move your activity and sleep data from your fitness tracker in directly? Would you like your Tesco online shopping list to match with your Asda one without having to curate both? What about your exercise training history....or your heart rate? Is it even desirable?

Hands-on with Python for beginners - Lisa Carpenter

This hands-on Python workshop will get you started in your journey to learn Python. Focused on the need-to-knows of syntax familiarity, this session will get you comfortably creating your own functions and enjoying the options Python creates for you. We'll also explore how you can take the next steps in becoming a Pythonista.

Blockchain for the better world - Dianing Yudono

Since the invention in 2008, blockchain has been used for various use cases in the world. The technology is still considered in its infancy and it has a number of challenges to overcome. However, its advantages have started to shine through.

In this talk, we are going to learn about how blockchain applications have helped homeless people, refugees, the unbanked and many other vulnerable people across the world. We will also learn about the challenges in store for blockchain, what the future may hold for it, and how it’s going to make the world a better place.

Sustainable food system via Blockchain technology - Genevieve Leveille

Creation of local networks where producers are able to join with a guarantee to selling their products and eliminate unnecessary middlemen. Reducing food waste from mediocre quality products and work towards ensuring a zero-waste.

By addressing food insecurity thru the promotion of sustainable agriculture, supporting producers in confronting challenges such as food loss, food safety, limited access to the market, and lack of financial inclusion. With the deployment of mobile technologies for capturing field-level information, including farmers, crops, agriculture practices, sustainability measures, business transactions, and traceability within the value chain.

The producers will grow their production while getting fair prices for their products. Customers benefit from an assured stable price.  A blockchain solution can contribute to reducing costs, errors, and complexities found in many Food Value Chains in developing economies.  This will contribute to the enablement of growth and sustainability as per the circular economy principle.

The soft skills of hard tech - how technology and business can work better together - Fionnuala O'Conor

The toughest challenges in tech are the people issues – how we communicate and cooperate with the non-technical, how we deal with conflicts, pressure, prioritisation and working together as a high-performing team. In this talk I’ll share research and case studies on the specific soft skills that drive successful tech/business collaboration and leave you with practical next steps for identifying and developing the soft skills that will make the most difference to you.


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October 2, 2020