We're moving to Mobilize

In January 2016 we made a big move – from Google groups to our friends over at mobilize.io. The move went relatively smoothly, here's the first message we sent out from our new platform.

Hi there!

As of today we’ve officially moved to a new platform with lots of cool new features. The principle functions of the group will stay the same - you can still email the entire list but we'll be able to take advantage of lots more features.

Why did we move?

There are many reasons for our move - but the main one is that it was increasingly getting hard for many of us to manage our inboxes due to the volume of emails and as we’re growing there was an increased need to connect around meaningful topics and with people near you.

As always, we want to focus on global and local tech & digital conversations under the broader objective of achieving our Agenda (if you have not read this yet, please do so. By being an Ada's List member we believe you are committing to help us bring about the change we envision in that document).

What’s new on mobilize?

On the new https://adalist.mobilize.io you’ll have the options of joining any or all of our subgroups. These include a dedicated group for Job postings, a Random group for off-topic conversations, a tech group for deeper conversations around programming/dev, a marcomms channel for digital/social/media/content/strategy as well as a poc group for Ada’s listers of color. And of course your NYC group and also a new London group for events specific to these cities. We’re likely to expand into more groups later but starting with these.

Other cool features include the ability to create events and see them all in a shared calendar as well as direct messaging and a members directory.

What you need to do

Nothing! You're here! We’ve already added you and you don’t have to do anything to start receiving emails, but if you want to change your notification settings, find your way to your profile settings by visiting https://adaslist.mobilize.io where you can also find and join any of our new subgroups.

The first time you log on to the new platform, you’ll be prompted to fill in some new profile details. This includes industry and location information which will help you find and message people near you. This also includes an ask for more personal information to see how diverse the membership of our community is, as we want to ensure we are executing on our Agenda. *NB this information is not visible to other members

Thanks for your continued support and for making Ada’s list great!

Merici, Anjali & Karoline K

July 25, 2016
Merici Vinton