Eleven (!) Ada's List members were honored as 2019 TechWomen100 winners.

TechWomen100 is an initiative from We Are Tech Women and JP Morgan to showcase emerging tech talent in the UK.

Each year, the awesometeam at We Are Tech Women announces its TechWomen100 winners and celebrates emerging tech talent across the UK.

We are thrilled to announce that eleven (!) Ada's List members have been selected as TechWomen 100 winners -

Sunaina Aytan, E-Secure

Moriah Baxevane-Connell, Google

Claire Donoghue, 3M

Sharon Jones, Barclays Eagle Laps

Prakriti Karthauser, Vodafone

Mansata Kurang, VR Revival

Christine Lester, JP Morgan

Marily Nika, Google
Elle Tweedy , FutureGov

Merici Vinton, Ada's List 👋

Ellie Yell, Fledglink

We are so proud of and happy for all of you - huge congrats! And if you know any of these awesome ladies, please give them a high five next time you meet up. 

Adas in attendance: Ellie Yell, Christine Lester, Prakriti Karthauser, Merici Vinton, Sunaina Aytan, Mansata Kurang, Claire Donoghue, Sharon Jones

January 24, 2020
Merici Vinton