Ada's Coffee Morning Thoughts - Keeping motivated this January

Today's Coffee Morning Discussion - Keeping motivated this January

We held our fortnightly Ada's Coffee Session this morning which, as always, was fab! Everyone seemed super motivated and energised, and it really set us up for the day. Thanks so much if you joined us.

We spent a lot of the session talking about some of the tips and tricks we have all been using to keep ourselves motivated throughout January 2021 - something we think is so important - especially in these times - and we really want to help you keep going strong. We're all in this together, Adas!

Some of the ideas were so great, we just had to share them with you. Have a read below and see if you can incorporate any of these ideas into your current daily routine. If you have any ideas you'd like us to add to this blog, drop us an email at

Our next coffee morning will be on Thursday 28th January from 8:30am - you can sign up here.

A quick summary of the ideas that were mentioned in today's coffee session about staying motivated this January -

And now for the full breakdown -

Yoga and Meditation

Take a moment to breathe - meditation was mentioned 1...2...3....4....... times - and remember, it's just practice - you don't need to be 'good' at it. Balance App are offering free memberships during the pandemic so there's really no excuse to not give it a try.

Some of you might have attended our December yoga series, with our fantastic yoga teach and fellow Ada Nicole Meliora. We have decided to keep this class running on the first Monday of every month. Each session will be £5 per person (Nicole's classes are usually £12pp, so a fantastic offer for our Ada's List members).

If you would like to join our first yoga class on Monday 1st February from 8:15am-9am, you can sign up here.

Read (or listen to) books

Listening to audio books if you haven't got the time to read/have tired eyes. Some book recommendations from the session:

And if you fancy talking about books some more - DigiEnable host a monthly Productivity and Personal Development Online Book Club - sign up for their next event here

Collect and celebrate your wins

Collect your wins! It's super important to give yourself credit - you survived 2020 after all - so why not start 2021 by intentionally making a note of all your accomplishments, no matter how small.

One Ada from our coffee session, puts all the positive emails she receives in a folder called 'Wins' - we love this idea. It's a great motivator when you're having a bad day - just go into that folder and remind yourself of how far you've already come. It's also great for annual assessments!

Kick those bad habits

Looking to kick some unwanted or unhealthy habits this year - Atomic Habits by James Clear was highly recommended by a few in the session. This is a highly practical book which gives you the tools and resources you need to build new habits that will actually stick, and break bad ones.

Or habit tracking apps such as "Habit Bull" are a popular way to move towards healthier habits, from making sure you take that lunch break to doing a short yoga session each morning.

Prioritise using a Decision Matrix

Use a Decision Matrix to help you prioritise - try doing the least exciting and least valuable tasks when you work best - morning / afternoon.

Leapers, the freelance community have their own version of the Eisenhower Decision Matrix here.

Light exercise and good food

Missing the commute to work? Try and get out for a walk or some light exercise every day

Food is important. Make sure to take a lunch break every day - fancy some company? A few of the coffee morning attendees use Lunch Club once a week - where you can have a virtual 1:1 lunch with a new person with a relevant connection (based on background, goals, interests)

and finally.... attend another Ada's Coffee Morning!

And of course, join the next Ada's Coffee Morning  - sign up here.  It's a great way to kick off the day in a friendly space and meet some new faces. And if you're a coffee drinker, treat yourself to some really nice coffee (another generous tip from this coffee morning)

Thanks again for your incredible support to both us and each other, we look forward to seeing you in the next session!

February 3, 2021