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Ada’s List Jobs Policy

In May 2020 we changed how jobs are posted to our members in our community - now, all members and non-members are now able to post jobs to our community for a reasonable fee.     

After a lot of discussion, we see this is the best and fairest way for us to help cover our running costs in the short-term and continue to bring our community quality jobs from companies and organisations, looking for brilliant women in tech to join their teams.

We want to stay independent and, in order to do this, we need to be able to keep the lights on. 

If you’d like to post a job you can do so on the Ada’s List
jobs page it’s super easy:

1.  Choose a tier based on how you’d like us to promote and share your jobs post:

2. Fill in the quick form with details about your business and the job itself
3. Process your payment with our integrated system
4. We’ll do the rest! 

Once your job post is sent out, we will forward you the email as a receipt of your purchase. For Gold and Silver posts, you can follow our social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and sign up to the newsletter, to see your job post go live!

Ada’s List Jobs -  FAQs

Since launch we’ve received a few questions - check out our FAQs below that should hopefully answer all your queries.

// Posting a job to the community

I am an existing Ada’s List member - can I continue to share jobs like I used to? 
No - the new process is outlined on our Jobs page and all jobs will be posted by an Ada’s List community manager.

I am an existing Ada’s List member - can I post jobs in the non-jobs channel within the Ada's List community?
No. It goes against what we’re trying to do here - namely, funnel all job applications into one conversation and channel. We are now deleting job posts that are shared on other channels within the community, as it’s only fair to those who have paid. If this is you and you want to re-share your job in the Jobs Channel (which has the most subscribers!), visit

What happens if I post a job in another channel?
We’ll ask you to delete it or we will remove the post. If you continue to violate the policy, we will remove you from Ada’s List.

// Types of roles

I am hiring a part-time role, what should I do?
This is still technically a job post so we ask that all part-time jobs are posted using the same process - via the jobs page on our website.

What about if I’m only hiring for 2 days? Or by an hourly rate?! Eg. I need a freelance copywriter?
Again, this is still a job that you are wanting to share with the community so we consider this a job post. Please post the job via the website.

I am hiring an intern, what should I do?
We do not allow unpaid internships to be advertised on Ada’s List and we consider intern posts the same as job posts, recognising that you might be looking for multiple interns and you can include that in one post. Please post these via the website.

I am looking for a coach, mentor, lawyer, accountant do I post this via the jobs channel?
No, asking for recommendations for non -tech related roles such as lawyers, accountants, coaches and mentors is different from a job post so these can be posted in other channels. We also have a coaches/mentors channel specifically for finding and offering your time as a coach/mentor.

// Pricing 

Where’d you come up with the pricing tiers?
We did a lot of research, both within the UK and looking at similar sites globally. We believe, in comparison to similar job boards, our new fee structure offers verrrry reasonable rates, also given our reach to a targeted global group of 7500+ women (trans, intersex and cis) and all non-binary, agender and gender variant people. 

I’m a recruiter looking to hire multiple roles, frequently. This could get expensive fast. Can I get a discount?
Let’s chat - again - we want as many Adas to get into as many awesome roles as possible. Email us at to talk about a monthly or annual fee.

I’m a company/large employer looking to hire multiple roles, frequently. Can I get a discount?
Yes, we can offer package deals* though if you are looking to post [25+] roles over a years time, we would strongly recommend you consider our partnership offer visit our partners page or email for more

What if I work or run a company or start-up with less than 5 people, not-for-profit, a charity or Community Interest Company (CICs)? Can I get a discount? 
Again, we want to be fair so if you fall into any of these categories, right now, we can do 20% off standard, 25% off silver, and 40% off gold.

Discounted price per post:
£32 standard
£71.25 silver
£120 gold 

Email us for the discount code:

// Multiple roles discounts

What if I’m hiring multiple roles? Do I need to pay for each one?
Yes, but if you are hiring 5 or more roles in a year, we offer package deals (following the tiers on the jobs page): 

Gold posts would be 20% off; you'd get all of the benefits, with a great discount
5 job posts / year - £800
10 job posts / year - £1600  
15 job posts / year - £2400
20 job posts / year - £3200
25+ roles a year - we'd recommend becoming an official partner of Ada's List, contact for more.

Silver posts would be 15% off; you'd get all of the benefits and a discount
5 job posts / year - £403.75
10 job posts / year - £807.50 
15 job posts / year - £1211.25
20 job posts / year - £1615
25+ roles a year - we'd recommend becoming an official partner of Ada's List, contact for more.

Standard posts - Unfortunately we're unable to offer a discount at the moment.

// end of FAQs

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions.  

Thank you again for your ongoing support and passion for our community. We hope to continue to help our members find that dream job, and to help you find the best people for your teams.

Breakdown of jobs posts tiers

Gold - £200
Job shared in the Ada’s List community Jobs Channel (7500+ women)
Included in two (2) Ada’s List weekly email newsletters
Promoted via Ada’s List Twitter (8500+ followers)
Promoted via Ada’s List LinkedIn (850+ followers)
Promoted via Ada’s List Instagram (400+ followers) 

Silver - £95
Job shared in the Ada’s community List Jobs ChannelIncluded in one (1) Ada’s List weekly email newsletterPromoted via Ada’s List Twitter (8500+ followers) 

Standard - £40
Job shared in the Ada’s List community Jobs Channel 

Jobs posts examples

Examples of our Jobs Channel postings to give you an idea of what your job will look like
on all our platforms.

Jobs post to Ada's List community on Mobilize and email.
Tiers: Gold, Silver, Standard

Jobs post to Ada's List community on Twitter. Tiers: Gold, Silver

Jobs post featured in Ada's List weekly newsletter.
Tiers: Gold, Silver

Jobs post to LinkedIn
Tiers: Gold

Jobs post to Instagram
Tiers: Gold