Our New Partnership with Bubble

We are partnering with Bubble in 2021 to bring our Ada’s List members scholarships on Bubble Bootcamps, and quarterly cohorts throughout the year.

We’re starting of 2021 with a bang - Ada’s List will be partnering with Bubble, the product that empowers startups to build world changing tech products faster, without writing code. 

This is going to be a year long partnership for the duration of 2021. This is a really exciting partnership which will hopefully bring some opportunities to our Ada’s List members. This could be a great solution for Ada’s List members who might be working on their own start up - who might not have the resources to hire at this moment in time, or the in depth web dev skills to code their own website. This will allow you to build a production ready web app, without having to use any code, saving you time and resources. 

We’re really looking forward to this collaboration and we’re hoping it will be really beneficial for the members in our community. 

A little about Bubble 

People use Bubble to build their web products and launch their startups. Bubble is a no-code platform, empowering entrepreneurs to build production-ready web apps. 

You can build your ideas and products within a matter of minutes without writing any code! Save your coding resources to build specialised algorithms or features, and connect them as plugins. Create fully-functional data-driven web apps with Bubble. 

Read on to find out the different ways we will be partnering with Bubble in 2021. 

Immerse Programme 

Next year, Bubble is running a cohort called the “Immerse Programme” - for founders who identify as black, indigenous or people of colour (BIPOC). The Immerse programme will consist of 4 cohorts throughout 2021. 

Alongside the Immerse Programme, we’ll be hosting quarterly webinars, giving our Ada’s List members an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the cohort before signing up. We will be co-hosting these webinars with Bubble, so you can learn more about them as an organisation, along with being able to ask questions about no code, upskilling, & inclusion.

The first webinar will be taking place on Thursday 14th January 2021, at 4pm UK time. If you would like to join the webinar, you can sign up here 

More about the Immerse Programme/Cohort from Bubble - 

“Immerse exists to solve the biggest hurdle for early stage Black, Indigenous, and person of color (BIPOC) founders: building your first product. 
The majority of BIPOC founders are solo entrepreneurs, most of whom do not have a formal coding background. But Black founders find it difficult to scale their companies because of a lack of funding avenues. 
Venture capital firms (VCs) and accelerators often require founders to show a viable product with traction, which is prohibitively expensive for a non-technical founder who would need to outsource development. 
Immerse is designed to help Black founders get from 0 to a minimum viable product through weekly visual programming training and 1 on 1 coaching.” 

Bubble Bootcamps 

In addition, we have been working with Bubble in order to provide up to 12 of our Ada’s List members with a Scholarships to Bubble bootcamps! We are so excited to offer this to our community, as this means that you’ll get a 40% discount on the original cohort price, taking the ticket price for $750 to $450. 

Free month of Bubble Personal Plan for our Adas 

Bubble is also offering 1 free month of their personal plan to all Ada’s List members ($50 in credit for 1 month). The personal plan includes custom domain/white label, import/export as CSV, email support and much more! 

Check out everything that is included in the image below, and follow this link to access your free month at Bubble.

Bubble.io pricing options

This is just a brief introduction to everything that we have planned with Bubble moving into the New Year. We’re really hoping to provide a lot of value for you, our Ada’s List members, with this partnership. We hope you’ll join us in giving Bubble a warm welcome to the Ada’s List Community - we’re excited to be partnering with them 

If you have anymore questions about the Bubble x Ada’s List collab, please reach out to us at team@adaslist.co 

More to follow in the New Year.

January 28, 2021