I am very grateful for the opportunities provided by Ada's List, especially as it's so hard to get clients when you're just starting out

Catherine Heath is a freelance writer. She joined Ada's List in April 2016.

"I joined Ada's List because a friend, Linh Nguyen My, was already part of the group, and she enthusiastically suggested it as a great place to get help with my freelancing business. She wouldn't give up until I joined! 

When I joined the list, I was working in digital marketing but had been becoming more and more involved in the tech world, to the point where I decided I wanted to become a freelance tech blogger and content writer. It's always been a dream of mine to become a freelance writer and various factors combined to give me the confidence to try it. It was easier than I thought, though still requiring tremendous amounts of effort and persistence. I wanted to write for a living and have complete creative freedom.

I was looking for my first clients and I got two of them from Ada's List, which was fantastic. Tina Phillips recommended me as a freelance blogger for her company Kayako and they're amazing to work with! Priyanka Lilaramani has also helped me a lot by sharing her wisdom and working with me on a couple of projects. 

I am very grateful for the opportunities, especially as it's so hard to get clients when you're first starting out.

Ada's List is an absolutely brilliant curated list of women working in tech across the world. It helpfully splits the group into regions to help you manage the many useful emails that go out from group members. It works because there is a mixture of abilities and experience levels, from those with decades of experience to complete beginners, and everyone in between. It's also an amazing way to stay inspired by the achievements of others. Support from a talented community is invaluable to me. I recommend it to most women I meet in the tech world!" 

Catherine Heath is a freelance writer, blogger and websmith, based in London, UK.

July 29, 2016
Anjali Ramachandran