Blockchain for the better world

Since the invention in 2008, blockchain has been used for various use cases in the world. The technology is still considered in its infancy and it has a number of challenges to overcome. However, its advantages have started to shine through. In this talk, we are going to learn about how blockchain applications have helped homeless people, refugees, the unbanked and many other vulnerable people across the world. We will also learn about the challenges in store for blockchain, what the future may hold for it, and how it’s going to make the world a better place.

Dianing Yudono


Dianing Yudono is a senior engineer at BCG Digital Ventures, a global company that invents, launches and scales disruptive businesses. She has over a decade of software engineering experience in different products, teams and cultures. Living close to where the 2004 tsunami struck, she was engulfed with the news of the disaster and was deeply moved by the sheer humanitarian effort that follows. She was fascinated with the technologies and machineries used to help those in need. Now as an engineer, she has high hopes for the positive impacts that software systems bring on individual lives and the broader society, especially the vulnerable ones.

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