Building the digital infrastructure for the circular economy

What role can data play in transitioning the world from a culture of single-use to a circular economy? Existing data on reuse models is scant and often inaccessible, hindering progress in environmental and commercial optimisation. If businesses are to develop effective, cost-efficient, environmentally thoughtful circular strategies, they will require data. At Reath, we are working to create the digital infrastructure to support a circular economy, by developing collaborative tools which enable companies to integrate reuse data effectively into their own systems. The environmental benefit of reuse could be felt for generations to come.

Lauren Dudley


Lauren heads up the Product team at sustainability tech-startup, Reath. With a background in eCommerce and expertise in product information management and digital merchandising, she joined the female-founders with the goal of reducing waste from single-use items. Reath has produced a digital solution which is now being piloted with the NHS on reusable PPE, and in various other sectors in the UK. Lauren is currently working towards the world’s first Open Data Standard for reuse. In her spare time, she provides strategic and digital expertise to Canny Upkeepers, another startup, which is tackling sustainability through building preservation.

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