Community building for systems change in tech

Communities are a vital part of the tech ecosystem, and benefit members with connections, support and inspiration. But what is the role of community building in systems change, and how can we harness the power of community to create a more inclusive and socially impactful tech sector? This workshop will share insights on the role of communities in systems change and, through interactive activities, crowdsource further input about the role of tech communities in transforming the tech industry, generating ideas for how we can build and work with communities for systemic change. This workshop is relevant for anyone working towards a better tech sector, and will be particularly relevant for people involved in building or managing communities.

Naomi Alexander Naidoo


Naomi Alexander Naidoo is Community Manager at the Finance Innovation Lab, building and supporting the Lab’s community of innovators, activists and change-makers building a financial system that serves people and planet. Prior to working at the Lab, Naomi held several membership and community management roles in the sustainability sector including at ISEAL Alliance, the sustainability offices of London School of Economics and Utrecht University, and for sustainability communications consultancy Sustainability Consult. Naomi has an academic background in philosophy, with a particular focus on ethics in the context of climate change. Naomi is also an organiser with POCIMPACT - a community connecting, recognising and supporting people of colour working on social and environmental impact.

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