Ada's List Conf 2020

About Ada's List Conf

The Ada’s List Conf launched in 2016, with 65 attendees coming together for an afternoon of talks and networking. Since then, we’ve grown bigger and better, with nearly 300 globally attending our 2020 online event.

Previous keynotes have featured:

  • Martha Lane Fox
  • Wincie Wong
  • Dr. Ronda Zelezny-Green
  • Kajal Odedra
  • Shefali Roy
  • Debbie Wosskow
  • Sitar Teli
  • Alex Depledge
  • Asa Nystrom

We’re so proud of the diversity of speakers and topics at our Conf, including:

  • Rethinking the role of government in a COVID and post-COVID world.
  • tackling bias in building algorithms and apps
  • the power of technology in conflict affected countries
  • creating ethical and inclusive products and services
  • tips to strengthen your personal brand on social media
  • how (not) to talk about diversity in tech
  • explaining open data standards
    and much more! 

Past Conf sponsors

Our Conf would not be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors, who have enabled us to develop and grow the format over the years, as well as run our community.

Interested in sponsoring us? Let's talk.

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Ada's List Conf 2020 🎉

Our annual Conf is back, ready to scale our members' impact, and bolder than ever.
Full speaker line up announced!

When: 3-7pm (UK time) on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 October
Online (details TBA)


We offer group discounts for a pack of friends or your company, 6 or more tickets. For info, email

General info

The conf sessions will feature keynotes, talks and workshops by Ada’s List members who will share their stories of innovation and change, and reflect on how they are changing communities, workplaces, and their industry.


'We've announced our first speaker for the Ada's List
Conf 2020'


'Announcing our
speakers for the Ada's List Conf 2020'



'Announcing our first sponsors for the Ada's List Conf 2020'


Speakers & talks


Conf day 1 - Wednesday 14th October - 3-7pm (UK time)

Conf day 2 - Thursday 15th October - 3-7pm (UK time)


2nd year sponsoring

2nd year sponsoring


2nd year sponsoring


Become a sponsor

Ada's List is run by volunteers and the conference wouldn't be possible without the support of our awesome sponsors.

All proceeds from the conference support running the community. This year, we are asking for additional commitment and your support of the conference this year will enable us to become a more sustainable community.

Email us for our sponsorship pack.