IoT for healthcare in emerging markets

Application of IoT in healthcare and medicine is continuously increasing - from the analysis of data to healthcare monitoring. Research into this field is commonly geared towards the western world, and there is a need to integrate IoT for global solutions within the healthcare sector. This talk will look at the enablement of IoT and embedded systems in healthcare, focusing on Africa. I’ll be discussing trends in healthcare and the opportunities and issues surrounding the adoption of IoT including security, adoption and human interaction.

Mawuelome Augustina Adjei


Mawuelome Augustina Adjei is an incoming Software Technology Management Graduate at Arm and a recent Warwick Engineering Graduate. Throughout her degree, her research focused on AI and its adoption across different markets and undertook startup and corporate experience across data science and machine learning, software development, project management and business analytics. Her interests in technology are varied, and are currently focused on emerging technology and anthropology.

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