Designing the Future of Working Parenthood

The pandemic has put the challenges faced by working parents squarely in view. For many mothers the imbalance between career and home has been exacerbated. On the other hand, greater work flexibility has been a boon for some families and companies have benefited from the increase in productivity. Where do we go from here? What learnings do we take with us? What needs to change? What should the future of work look like for working parents? How can we ‘change’ work to support greater equity in the workforce? Let’s walk through how we can co-create a future of work that works for working parents.

Karolina Belwal


Karolina Belwal is the founder of Afterthird, a community focused on supporting new and expecting parents. Karolina believes better support for new parents is key for gender equality at work. Karolina is a mom of two. She has an MBA from the University of Michigan and her professional background is in strategy. Karolina focused on organizational and commercial strategy for large corporations. When her first was born she experienced undiagnosed postpartum depression that lasted over a year. This experience inspired her to build Afterthird.

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