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The fourth revolution has already begun; we are no longer tied to cities or workplaces, its the start of de-urbanization and the rise of the digital nomad. Future of work is defining a whole new generation, are humans meant to live in one place or like our nomadic ancestors?

Yasmine Å. Morrison


Yasmine Morrison builds bridges across the private sector, government, and civil society to solve global challenges. She is strategic, communicative, creative, organized, and curious. With over 9 years of international experience, ranging from building, Tibba, a blockchain-based barter/cryptocurrency app launched in the Middle East to creating Scandinavia’s largest future of work news site. Yasmine excels at leading cross-cultural teams, planning and executing complex global projects, and building strategic partnerships across organizations, sectors, and countries. Yasmine is a Board Member in Nackademin (Future of Work Expert) an Ambassador for Future of Work Pioneers, Harvard Innovation Lab. She is a Harvard Graduate Student 2021 and has lived and worked all over the globe from Malaysia, UAE, USA, to France.

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