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You are allowed to have sex

Humans were born to have sex. It's why and how we all got here, why should that be taken away from people that don't fit the 'mould'? Working from research in accessibility and usability, uncovering the issues and inconsistencies of how sex tech, sex education and taboo topics effects how everyone will or wont experience something we were BORN to do. Opening the conversation to show how research and honest, human discussions can improve knowledge, safety and innovation to include EVERYONE. The key topics this talk will cover is education, safety, consent and above all, pleasure. From working with disabled young adults to understanding the urgent need for education in the LGBTQ+ community, without shame, we tackle this head on.

Alex Cleator

Alex Cleator is a usability and accessibility researcher, currently at Methods UK and previously at Scope, the disability charity. Her work to date has given her experience of tech development and behavioural research in public, private and third sector practices although originally studied Product Design at Central Saint Martins, UAL. Alex has recently been nominated for a Women in Tech award for her contribution to supporting women in her field.In particular, her time with Scope UK and when studying human centered design at CSM has driven what she will discuss. The importance of talking openly and honestly, regardless of current taboos or abilities.

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