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Work Your Money, Honey

Financial wellbeing: a woman's financial trajectory, with career gaps and gender pay gaps, is tricky to navigate. I found myself age 42 with three kids, having taken financial decisions that were not mainstream (no pension!), with my own business and and no idea how to secure my future financially. My aim with the talk is to give attendees the tools to start to take control of their financial futures. Whether there are kids, freelancing, maternity leaves, school fees, divorce involved, there are some rules of thumb that can help make this vast topic manageable. The talk will cover Saving, Pensions and Investing in a jargon-free way. The talk is interactive, so that people can present their individual circumstances and gain some insights from other members of the audience, from my own experience and from that of others from our network. Please note this talk is not financial advice, it is simple guidance on what is out there to help women with their finances. Thank you

Vivien de Tusch-Lec

Vivien is a former financial journalist for Reuters and the FT, turned tech entrepreneur. In the fifteen years since has since served financial institutions with technology and expertise. Her financial software business infinancials was sold to Infront in 2012 and she worked then running the tech, media, telecom arm of GLG the expert network company. Her latest venture, Bubele, is focused on helping women with their financial wellbeing, producing events, workshops, creating products and partnering with other organisations such as UN Women to help women secure their financial futures. Vivien is also a mother of three kids Leah, 8 Reuben 6 and Abi 3. Bubele was a finalist in this year's Enterprise Awards in the female founder and social enterprise categories

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