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How (not) to talk about diversity in tech

From the monotonous floods of blue, red and black we see in most tech companies' branding to London Tech Week’s ‘woman walking through laser beams’ logo - its clear tech is marketed in a male-centric and non-imaginative way.  When women do get a look in, we’re referred to as “geeky", portrayed as the "cute/ hot nerdy" girl and targeted with pink, “girly” content. *eye roll*

Research shows this stereotypical marketing made by men for men is keeping women, and other minorities, out of tech.

So, what can we do about this?  

Discover how tech marketing has changed from the past to now, share how you think the industry should be represented and learn how we can brand tech in an inclusive and accessible way which is welcoming for everyone.

Serena Chana

Serena is the marketing manager of women’s coding school 23 Code Street and recently won We are the City’s Rising Star award. She’s a big believer of doing work your passionate about and has previously worked for mission led startups such as Digital Mums, within the not-for- profit sector and internationally promoting women's rights. Outside of work, Serena co-created a mental health forum for Punjabi women and runs mental health awareness workshops for the Asian community.

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