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Hope is contagious

I’m curious about hope being contagious. I’m going to share some of my initial thinking in the ‘hope’ that others who also find it interesting might like to explore this further with me or share some feedback!The UK needs more hope right now. And if hope is contagious, it could influence the way we design digital-first campaigns; tying together the steady stream of one-off campaign victories into a long-term narrative of hope through change.My thinking started at my previous job, where the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were one of my clients. They have amazing methods to map the spread of contagious diseases to tackle epidemics and create vaccination strategies. I found it fascinating and it got me thinking about whether hope could be contagious and how you could map it and use it for the way we design and measure campaigns. As a starting point, there is already evidence that happiness is contagious - a similar but different emotion. So I’m bringing together thinking on contagious disease strategies and evidence of contagious happiness and comparing that with data on the signing, sharing and winning of online petitions.

Amy Lockwood

Amy is UK Communications Director at Change.org, the world’s largest petition platform with over 17 million users in the UK and 300 million users globally. She’s worked in digital campaigning for six years and was previously at 38 Degrees and Portland Communications. Amy’s purpose is to support people to leverage digital technology to tell their stories and create change at scale.

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