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EQ Eats IT for Breakfast

When working with remote teams, it’s easy to forget the human on the other side of the screen. This is something that companies are likely to struggle with as they transition to digital working arrangements outside the office.In this talk, Libby Swan -- Founder and CEO of PRDXN -- reviews the power and peril of remote work and the challenges she faced while building a company workforce currently spread across three countries.Libby will discuss how to create productive teams in a remote environment by keeping the emphasis on the human behind the tech.She’ll also provide insight into strategies designed to empower remote workers and will offer guidelines and resources to help companies grow their own remote teams in a healthy and sustainable way.

Libby Swan

Libby Swan is the Founder and CEO of PRDXN. Since ~2008 PRDXN has been helping clients execute projects and “get stuff done”, either as their creative and technology team, or as an extension of their in-house teams. She currently leads a team of 80+ engineers, testers, project managers, designers and support-functions across three separate continents and is excited about the future of work and the technologies and tools that are making it more efficient and effective, thereby giving everyone the time to make it more human (if they choose to).Before founding PRDXN, Libby led high-performing teams at GE and AIG. She is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and currently splits her time between Mumbai, NYC, London and sometimes (of course) Australia.

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