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Leanne Summers

Leanne is the digital ecosystem lead for NHSX. She leads on supporting responsible data-sharing within the NHS enabling people to access their records. There is a lot of work still be done in order to bring our health and care system into the 21st Century, with pockets of excellence around, the user experience of NHS services digitally tends to be sub-par. Working with the innovation teams across the NHS we are looking at supporting onboarding technologies that enhancing a person's experience whilst also creating value for the NHS. Using child health and maternity as user cases of full stack pathway transformation; and making use of components within the NHS ecosystem; such as the NHS website, NHS Login and design standards we are looking how we support with transforming other pathways. We are supporting NICE in testing the evidence standards framework to make sure that it makes sense to developers and to understand what good evidence looks like for digital products; as well as supporting commissioners with guidance on their digital transformations. Leanne has a MSc in International Health Policy with a focus on digital health; and a BSc in biomedical science. She's worked internationally, predominantly in patient communications and digital health technologies.

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