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Why Don't We Just Call Agile What It Is: Feminist

When Lean-Agile methodologies are brought up in progressive spaces, they’re often met with a suspicious side-eye. After all, as Audre Lorde said, ‘the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house’. Why on earth would we choose a methodology so beloved by big business, and how would we use it to deconstruct the harmful systems they impose on us?In this talk, I'll explore how Lean-Agile methodologies represent inherently feminist, queer, anti-authoritarian and progressive ways of working. Tracing back through the history of Lean-Agile methodologies, linking it with the history of feminist, queer thinking and organising, I’ll connect the dots between the social justice and tech sectors.More of the content that will inform this talk can be found in my recent article here: https://medium.com/@Hanna.Thomas/why-dont-we-just-call-agile-what-it-is-feminist-8bdd9193edba

Hanna Thomas

Hanna is Chief Product Officer at 350.org, a global movement working to end the age fossil fuels, and a Trustee of Girls Rock London, an organisation that empowers girls and women to make their own music and build their confidence. She was previously Campaign & Culture Director at SumOfUs.org. Hanna's main interest lies in supporting individuals and teams to achieve transformative change.

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