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Explaining open data standards ... with cats

Have you ever wondered what open data standards are, and how they can be used to drive the uptake of open data for social good? Do you also like cats?If yes X 2, then this talk is for you. We will use a mix of words, hand-waving and cat gifs to outline how standards can help support open data that is useful, usable and in use.We work as part of the Open Data Services Co-op, an ethical technology co-operative that provides technologies, support and services relating to the production, standardisation and use of open data for social impact. We also really like cats.

Charlie Pinder

Dr Charlie Pinder is a co-director at Open Data Services Co-op, specialising in providing consulting services in the adoption of open data standards. She has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, and a background in technical consultancy and technology-mediated behaviour change.

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